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"View the World Through a Different Lens"


As photographers, we combine beauty and business. Whether you’re getting married, or displaying your company’s past projects, we’ve got you covered. We not only capture the artistic aspects of an image, but we understand how to best optimize a photoshoot to meet your goals. Give us a call, see what the world looks like through our lens.  


Ethan & Grant Shaffer

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From an early age it was clear that Grant viewed things differently than most. Where most people would see a dilapidated building, Grant would see a rustic backdrop. His work began being featured in local magazines and art shows, and he quickly started receiving photoshoot requests by people that liked his work. Me being fresh out of business school, I began looking into the logistics of a photography business. I quickly noticed the need for communication, consistency, and transparency within the industry. It is essential to us that our work is done to the best of our ability, so that we can produce the highest quality products and services and continually improve what we love to do.

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