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Real Estate

First impressions matter. Give your listings the edge to sell properties fast. Let us turn your listing into a "property sold." 

Real estate is one of the staple forms of photography that we focus on at Variety Perspectives. Our ambition in this field is to provide quality photos that will highlight the beautiful features of a house, property or building. Additionally, we put great focus and care into making the process easy for realtors or homeowners by staying in touch, communicating well and sticking to an organized plan. As a result, we will provide quality products and make the process of real estate photography timely and efficient.

What we offer

Aerial drone photography (we have our certified remote pilot license)

Interior and exterior camera photos

Interior video walkthrough with gimbal stabilizer and professional grade camera

Link of all videos, aerial photos, and standard interior and exterior photos sent directly to the client. Link allows for easy download of photos in three resolutions (full resolution, 2048px and 1024px) as well as integrated online pay.

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